What is Ally? 

Ally is our website auditing software and accessibility tool. It will help us to see and correct website issues internally, but it’s biggest service will be an accessibility tool for those who use our website by providing alternate forms of delivery for documents and web pages.

Ally will not be our source for analytics; we will be using Google Analytics for your analytic reporting options. Contact Amy Cole for analytics assistance.

ALL website editors are required to have an Ally account and log in regularly.

All website editors will be required to use Ally or will be at risk of losing website editing privileges.

Request Ally Access



What can Ally do for me? 

Ally shows you where the severe, moderate, and minor accessibility issues are on your webpages. It also shows broken links, inaccessible PDF files and gives you an overall score for your pages. For the site visitor, there is an icon on the website that allows them to download content from our site in a myriad of format options including braille, e-pub, audio, and translated copy.


How do I log into Ally? 

  1.  Go to https://prod.ally.ac/launch/10223
  2. Select Sign in with Microsoft. Only super or root administrators can use the Super Admin sign in on the page.
  3. Give Microsoft permission to view your profile and and to maintain data it has access to. Select Accept.
  4. Sign in with your Microsoft email and password.
  5. After you sign in, you are asked to verify your email. Ally sends you an email with a code. Enter the code to verify your email. You only need to verify your email the first time you sign in. Note: If you don't see the email from Ally right away, you may need to check your junk folder.


How do I get started with Ally? 

Head on over to our Ally instructional page. 


Still Need Help? 

Let us know! We are happy to help you make your content, documents, and webpages more accessible. 

Madison Ellis, Accessibility Specialist


Amy Cole, Digital Media Program Manager



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