Compliance Resources

Brown stamp with the wording compliance and another brown stamp with the word legal leaning on a stack of papers.

In order to ensure we are in compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations, this page serves as an integral part of our continued efforts regarding our continued efforts regarding matters involving employees and participants of the Division of Agriculture programs and activities.  It is important for staff to have ready access to these materials, resources and tools to help us continue to fulfill our obligations.

A. Required Employment Posters

The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture is required to have certain federal and state employment posters that must be displayed in a conspicuous location in the workplace area for all employee and applicants to be able to view.  Please click the highlighted links below to see the latest version of all required posters.

Arkansas Department of Labor Posters


To complete Form H, fill in the Managed Care Organization (MCO):
               Name: SYSTEMEDIC/USABLE
               Address: 10809 Executive Center, Ste. 105
                            Little Rock, Arkansas 72211
                            Telephone # (501) 227-5553

To complete Form P, fill in the Insurer’s Name and Address:
                        Public Employee Claims Division
                        Arkansas Insurance Department
                        1200 West Third Street, Suite 201
                        (501) 371-2700

Federal Department of Labor Posters

B. County Extension Resources

Division employees that are responsible for compliance efforts in regards to county extension programs should use the following resources to ensure we are meeting our civil rights obligations.

C. Other Useful Resources