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The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture commits itself to policies of equal opportunity and affirmative action with respect to both employment opportunities and program participation. The Division complies with these policies not merely because of legal requirements, but because we believe that such practices are basic to human dignity. The Division strives to create work and educational environments that are inclusive, where fairness and mutual respect are valued and differences are welcomed.

The Office of Inclusion, Access, and Compliance is committed to supporting the Division's efforts in complying with these policies of equal opportunity and affirmative action, so the Division meets its goals of having the most diverse workforce as possible, while also providing quality educational programs that reach all of the residents of Arkansas.  In doing such, the Office aides the Division by providing advice and developing policies and outreach programs to achieve these Division goals.   

What We Do:

  • Monitors the recruitment and hiring process, including providing consultation and information to departments, hiring officials, and search committees for faculty and non-classified positions;
  • Review position descriptions to ensure compliance with employment requirements under the American with Disabilities Act;
  • Review and approve of recruitment plans so applicant pools are diverse and inclusive as possible.
  • Administers the Division’s affirmative action program in compliance with all federal and state regulations;
  • Provide information to departments, hiring official regarding compensation/salary equity practices.


The Division is a great opportunity to start your professional career.  As an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer, the Division continues its efforts to have a very diverse workplace. 

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The Division utilizes various resources with recruitment, employment, and promotion of qualified minorities, women, individual with disabilities and veterans.

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