Data Collection Guide

As recipients of federal funding, the Division is responsible for the collection of demographic information from those participating in certain programs or activities conducted by the Division. This guide will assist you with understanding what data must be collected, how to collect the data, and how to report such data.

Our federal agency , USDA-NIFA, regulates the collection of this data and requires the Division to collect this demographic information only for program activities. A program activity is defined as an activity where the purpose is to provide an educational benefit. Therefore, we do not collect demographic information for any other activities.

The demographic information to be collected is the race, ethnicity, and gender, also called ("REG") data. of each of our participants. This REG data should only be used to help the Division analyze and improve ways in providing our services and benefits to clientele. The information cannot be used to determine eligibility, and can never be used to determine which services will be provided, or the manner in which they will be provided.

The Office of Inclusion, Access, and Compliance has developed a template for the collection of this demographic information, the AFFACT-08.0. This template may be modified to add additional information as needed, but the manner in collecting the demographic information cannot be changed. In addition, other templates have been created to assist you in recording participants/contacts information.

If you have any questions, regarding the collection of demographic information, pleaser review the following "Frequently Asked Questions" or contact the Office of Inclusion, Access, and Compliance at (501) 671-2096.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We should only collect demographic information from participants that participate in program activities.  Program activities are defined as activities that provide an educational benefit to a participant. 

  • NIFA civil rights staff makes a distinction between outreach activities and program activities. Providing information about events and programming at a farmer’s market would be considered an outreach activity because the purpose is to advertise or raise awareness about programs. Demographic information should not be collected for outreach activities. For outreach activities, staff should document the nature of the outreach activity, target audience, and the approximate number of individuals reached.

  • No, the (AFFACT) forms are just templates, so that you can change the information collected on those forms as need.  Please note, you cannot collect demographic information on these sign-in sheets.

  • Yes, you can solicit additional information on the form, but you cannot collect the demographic information in any other manner. 
  • We do not have the ability and no longer allowed to visibly discern.  If they check Hispanic and do not check a race you, then when you report race, you will mark “Not Disclosed.” 
  • When you report, you will mark them “Not Disclosed.”  
  • Yes, they can check more than one race, all that apply.  When reporting in AIMS, participants who selected more than one race, you will mark them in the “Two or More Race” category. 
  • Yes, the IT Department has developed an electronic version of the AFFACT-08.0 form that participants can use to voluntarily complete and submit their demographic information by using a QR code. 

  • Yes, you can utilize the demographic information for students previously collected by schools. Under guidance obtained from NIFA, any demographic information for participants under 18 must be obtained from legal guardians.

  • Please maintain the Voluntary Demographic Information sheets as long as possible because they only complete the form one time.

  • You must keep the Attendance Record Sign-In Sheet AFFACT-08.1 form  for at least 3 years.


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