Telecommuting & Flextime Agreements

Flextime Agreements

The Division understands the importance of its employees having a proper work-life balance in order to be more efficient and productive. The Division recognizes that allowing employees to have some control over their work schedules makes it easier for them to manage non-job-related responsibilities and their professional commitment to the job. Consequently, the Division supports flexible work scheduling options for employees, provided that such schedules continue to satisfy the needs and objectives of the employee’s position and the Division.

Please see below for the Division policy on flextime agreements and the request form. 

Flextime Request Form


Telecommuting Agreements

The Division recognizes the value of telecommuting for both the Division and employees. Telecommuting is an opportunity for an employee to perform their job at their primary residence or other approved specific location rather than at a regular office location. Telecommuting is intended to create flexible work arrangements with the understanding that such work arrangements will ensure the continued efficiency and effectiveness of the operations of the Division and does not impair the delivery of services to staff, clients, and the public.

Please see below for the Division’s policies on Telecommuting agreements and request forms.

For Faculty: 

For Classified or Non-Faculty, Non-Classified Staff: 

Request Forms:
Telecommuting Agreement Form

Periodic or Temporary Telecommuting Form