Hiring Resources

Below you will find several resources for Employment Coordinators, Onboarding Partners, and Managers to assist in the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring process. 

Contact Human Resources for additional information by emailing humanresources@uada.edu or calling 501-671-2219 or 479-502-9820.


Minimum Age Requirements
The minimum age for employment with Extension is 16 years, with limitations on days scheduled and hours worked. In positions requiring operation of power tools (e.g., weed eaters, chain saws) or heavy machinery (e.g., tractors, combines, and forklifts), the minimum age is 18 years. U of A vehicles are not to be driven by employees under the age of 17.

Length of Job Posting Requirements
Non-classified: Posted for a minimum of ten (10) work days
Classified: Posted for a minimum of five (5) work days
Faculty: Posted for a minimum of 30 calendar days
Internal (UA System) only: Posted for a minimum of five (5) work days

Screening Committees
Screening or search committees are only required for faculty and senior level administrator positions. Committee membership should be approved in advance by the appropriate Senior Associate Vice President and the Affirmative Action/Civil Rights Compliance Officer to ensure that diversity initiatives have been met. 

Hiring Requests for Hard Funded positions
Prior to posting a job with hard funds, appropriate approvals must be obtained by the Sr. AVP and Vice President for Agriculture.  The approval process is now captured within the job requisition in Workday. 

For more details on the Hiring Request and how to complete it, please review the Hiring Request Quick Reference Guide.  

ADHE Classification & Compensation Resources
ADHE Classified Pay Plan effective 7/1/2021
ADHE Classification & Compensation Job Title Search (search for title, grade, job descriptions, etc.)

Managers are encouraged to use the Lawful Inquiries form, Possible Interview Questions form, and Interview Notes template during the interview process.

Submit any interview notes to the Human Resources department after a hiring decision has been made. Interview records are kept on file for two years.

For additional interview tips or resources, contact the Human Resources.

Limitations on Work Hours
Temporary and Extra Help (also called Seasonal) employees are limited to working 1500 hours in a fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) per Arkansas Code Ann. § 6-63-314.

Department timekeepers can track temporary employee hours using the RPT - Hourly Employees Fiscal YTD Hours Worked report in Workday by typing the report name in the Workday search tool on a regular basis to ensure employees aren't nearing the maximum hours worked each fiscal year. 

Hiring Resources
Managers or Employment Coordinators should use the Extra Help/Temporary Hiring Checklist to hire extra help/temporary employees.  Managers or Employment Coordinators should also review the Hiring Temporary Employees QRG to see available job titles, grades, and any restrictions that may apply.  The Temporary Employee Rate Chart provides hourly rates/ranges available for this fiscal year. The ADHE Classification and Compensation web page can be used to search job descriptions and minimum requirements found within the ADHE Classified pay plan.  

Extra Help/Temporary Hire Request Form 
This form will require a brief job description, contact information, anticipated pay rate, and the potential employee's resume/skill set.  Once completed, the request form will route to Human Resources to assist in determining the best position to be used based on the job description and employee's experience level.  

Contact your HR Partner if you have additional questions, or need assistance in hiring a temporary employee at humanresources@uada.edu 

An applicant must have appropriate authorization by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services through the Form I-9 and E-Verify process to be eligible for employment. The I-9 form & E-Verify process is completed electronically in Workday by the employee and the appropriate Onboarding Partner. 

If a hire is approved in Workday on the employee's first day or after, a paper Form I-9 form must be completed & the E-Verify process must be completed by going directly to the E-Verify web site (link below). In these cases, the Onboarding Partner will receive a To Do task in Workday to upload the paper I-9 form and E-Verify Case Details page.

For assistance in completing the I-9 & E-Verify process within Workday, use the I-9 with E-Verify Integration Quick Reference Guide.  

To sign up for E-Verify as a user or for questions with an existing E-Verify account, contact Patricia Johnson in Human Resources at pjohnson@uada.edu or call 501-671-2010.

E-Verify web site: https://e-verify.uscis.gov/web/Login.aspx