Terminations and Resignations


Terminations for Division employees may be initiated in Workday by either the Manager, Employment Coordinator, or by Human Resources and will go through an approval workflow once initiated.  If an employee is resigning, see the Resignations section below for specific Workday instructions. Managers who need to end a job for an employee who holds multiple jobs will use the End Additional Job Quick Reference Guide below. Contact Human Resources before ending an additional job for an employee.  For detailed information on terminations visit the UA Board policy 405.4. 

Employee Termination: Voluntary, Involuntary, Other
Employee Termination: End Additional Job 

Involuntary Termination or Dismissal for Cause 
Managers must have approval from the Chief Human Resources Officer and the General Counsel's office prior to initiating an involuntary termination in Workday or a dismissal for cause. 

An employee who is dismissed for cause may be discharged immediately without the benefit of advance notice. When an employee is dismissed for cause, a written statement of the reason(s) for dismissal and an explanation of the appeal process is given to the employee. Employees dismissed for cause may appeal the decision in writing to the appropriate Sr. Associate Vice President’s office within five (5) working days of receiving notice of the dismissal.  

Ineligible for Re-Employment Within UA System
An employee who has been dismissed for cause or who has been designated by their campus or division as not eligible for rehire shall not be eligible for re-employment within any of the University of Arkansas System’s campuses, units, or divisions.  For more information, refer to UA Board Policy 405.6 Termination of Employment & Eligibility for Rehire. 

Unlawful Discrimination
Any employee who believes he or she was terminated or dismissed for cause due to unlawful discrimination may file a written complaint with the Civil Rights Compliance Officer in the Office of Inclusion, Access, and Compliance 


An employee who wishes to end employment with the Division should give the manager as much advance notice as possible.  The employee should initiate the resignation in Workday by following the detailed instructions in the Quick Reference Guide below.  If the employee is not able to access Workday, contact Human Resources for further instructions on processing the employee’s termination.   

In accordance with UA Board Policy 405.3, if the employee does not initiate the resignation in Workday, Human Resources will send an official acceptance of resignation notice by mail or by email to the employee.  Once the official acceptance of resignation notice has been sent, the resignation becomes final and cannot be withdrawn.  

Submit a Resignation 

Unused Leave Payouts

Employees should refer to the UA Board policy 420.1 or 420.2 as appropriate to determine eligibility at termination for a lump sum payment of unused, accrued annual leave.
Employees who retire receive no payment or other compensation for accrued sick leave. For additional information on sick and annual leave, visit theTime Off & Leave page. 


Division employees planning for or considering retirement should consult with the Division Benefits Team by calling 501-671-2219 or email yourbenefits@uada.edu  Additional details on retirement are available on the Division HR Retirement page.   


For additional information about terminations or resignations, email humanresources@uada.edu