Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable is money due or owed to Cooperative Extension Service by customers or clients.  Our department handles all invoices sent out on behalf of Cooperative Extension.  If you need a miscellaneous invoice created, please contact our department.

Shaunta Hudson

Shaunta Hudson

Accounts Receivable & Funds Manager



If you need to send an invoice to a customer for charges that have not come through Banner please contact Office of Finance.  Departments should not create their own invoices.  ALL invoices should be created by Office of Finance.  In order to get an invoice created, email the Accounts Receivable Accountant with the following information: what is the purpose of the invoice, the amount, vendor information, and any other details that should be on the invoice.  Also please provide the fund and org you want the funds deposited.  If the money received is considered a donation/gift please make sure you state that in your e-mail.  If you would like the check to come to your department or county first, please let the accountant know and we can change the payable section of the invoice.  

Each month the Accounts Receivable department will send out invoices that need to be reimbursed by the Agricultural Development Council (ADC).  For administrative personnel who receive an ADC invoice from Office of Finance, you will need to complete a U of A Payment Authorization Form. 

The link below will take you to our POLICIES page.  In the first section under Division of Agriculture, click on the Agricultural Development Council; then click on the pull down arrow on the right and under Forms, you will find the Payment Authorization Form:

ADC Payment Authorization Form

The payment authorization, invoice, and detail page need to be sent to: Agricultural Development Council, PO Box 2219, Fayetteville, AR 72702-2219 or If you have any questions regarding these invoices please contact the Accounts Receivable Accountant in Office of Finance at 501-671-2058.  

For customers who receive a print shop, media, or facility invoice from the Cooperative Extension Service, and have questions about the item or amount, please contact the Print Shop at 501-671-2286, the media service at 501-671-2125, or the Front Desk receptionist at 501-671-2000. If you have questions about payment options please contact the Accounts Receivable Accountant in Office of Finance at 501-671-2058.