Special Events Procedures for clubs

When a program of CES (Master Gardeners, 4-H Clubs, etc.) conducts a special event that includes outside vendors the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DF&A) requires the organizer (CES) of the special event to register the event with DF&A. The CES Director of Office of Finance will register the event with DF&A and will serve as the contact person/liaison between CES and DF&A. COUNTY PERSONNEL AND VOLUNTEERS ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO CONTACT DF&A DIRECTLY. Upon registration of the event, DF&A will mail an event packet along with instructions to the County office. The packet will include the Special Event Sales Daily Tax Report Schedule and a postage paid return envelope to DF&A. The Staff Chair or his/her designated representative will be responsible for providing each vendor with a Daily Tax Report Schedule and an envelope for the form and sales tax payment for each day of the event.

See full list of steps for special events on the UAEX website.