Award Management

Completing a project and providing accurate financial information to project sponsors are only two of several responsibilities UACES has as the steward of sponsored funding. Federal, state, and local laws, as well as institutional policies and procedures, must be followed and documented throughout a project’s life span.   

Invoicing, Monitoring, and Financial Reporting

As steward of sponsored funds, Office of Sponsored Programs ensures expenses are eligible for reimbursement and invoiced and received in a timely manner; the project remains on schedule and the sponsor receives timely progress reports; and financial reporting is accurate and in compliance with laws or guidance received from the project sponsor. These documents offer an overview of the reimbursement and reporting process as well as sample forms.                                                                                  


IRB and Other Compliance Issues

The following documents provide an overview of some of the PI’s responsibilities and considerations before, during, and after a project.

Internal Review Board Links

UACES PIs should reference one of the following Institutions IRB sites for information on Research Involving Human Subjects, Bio-Safety, Environmental Programs. can also be consulted.

Fiscal Compliance

Project sponsors and the institution must follow specific guidelines before, during, and after the project. The attached files provide an overview of several of these guidelines as well as links to federal documents /circulars completely outlining the recipient’s responsibilities associated with a sponsored project.        

Office of Management and Budget Circulars

Other Guidance