OSP Resources & Forms

Sponsors and UADA require a number of forms to ensure appropriate procedures are followed during the project application and awards process.

Grant Application Forms

In most cases when applying for a federal grant, the necessary forms will be found with the program application site on Grants.gov. But, if you are required to fill out forms without submitting through Grants.gov, the following are frequently utilized. For private and state funding programs, contact the sponsor and request copies of their application packet.

IRS Forms

On occasion, funders will request various forms allowing them to make payments to UADA or certifying the institution is eligible for their grant program.

NIFA Forms

The National Institute of Food and Agriculture is among the most common sponsors of UADA projects. The attached forms are typically required during the NIFA proposal process.

UADA Forms

In order to comply with UADA and U of A System policies and procedures, several forms must be submitted with a grant proposal package. The following internal forms are most often required.