Initiate an award

A successful application and receipt of grant funding are just the first steps in administering a sponsored funding project. Following notification of the award, Sponsored Programs staff assists the PI with a number of administrative tasks required before the actual project begins. The following offer an overview of the awards process.

Sub Awards

UACES is often the recipient of funding provided by a prime recipient or distributes sub-awards to other institutions to assist with completing research. The following templates provide guidance in drafting and reviewing sub-award documents:

  • Subrecipient Monitoring Policy
  • Subrecipient Commitment Form
    • All subrecipients related to federal awards should submit this form when submitting a proposal to the UACES. It provides a checklist of documents and certifications required by sponsors, as well as an area for the authorized official to sign.

Bridge Conferences

After an award has been negotiated, it is vital for OSP staff including Pre-Award and Award Management personnel, to meet with the PI and the department administrative staff to discuss the project, budget, portions of the agreement, compliance and reporting requirements, and any other issues related to the project award.