State & Cooperative Contracts

State Contracts:

The State of Arkansas has made many state-level contracts available for our use. These contracts are competitively bid and negotiated to guarantee optimal value delivery for the state. As such, purchases on state contract can be made without requesting additional competitive quotes.
Purchase Orders for state contract procurements should include a memo reference to the contract’s tracking number. For supplier pricing, and for audit tracking purposes.

Contracts found on the State Contracts website fall under two categories: mandatory and non-mandatory. For those commodities covered by mandatory contracts, we are required to purchase on-contract from the supplier(s) authorized in the contract.

Mandatory Contracts:


Contract Tracking Number


New Vehicles

SP-19-0002, SP-20-0019, SP-21-0015

Multiple suppliers. Contact Procurement Office for assistance




Bathroom Tissue & Paper Towels


American Paper & Twine

Copy & Printshop Paper

UADA has received exemption from this contract. Copy & printer paper may be purchased through the Office Depot & Staples Workday punchout contracts.


Cooperative Contracts:

Cooperative Purchasing Contracts are contracts negotiated by non-governmental third-party organizations, for use by governmental and higher education entities. The use of cooperative contracts are limited and require pre-approval by Office of State Procurement (OSP).  If any department anticipates procurement of goods or services through a cooperative contract the department must pre-plan and include the Procurement office in advance of request and prior to commencement of any work/service or purchase of goods.  Contact the Procurement office for guidance.

National IPA (OMNIA Partners)
Sourcewell (Formerly NJPA)