Copier Leases

Copier Leases:

UADA leases copiers through the State of Arkansas’ pre-negotiated contract: SP-20-0040, on a 36-month lease period. The Procurement Office will assist in tracking the life cycle of your copier’s lease and will help guide you through the process of obtaining an updated machine when the time comes.

The monthly cost for a copier is determined by the options selected during lease origination. These options include the copier model and performance speed, the number of copies included in the service plan per month, and any peripheral functions such as stapling or 3-hole punch.

Overages: When a copier’s usage exceeds the number of copies allotted in its service plan, a per-copy overage is charged at a rate defined during the lease proposal phase. The copier’s supplier will provide an invoice for any overage copies, which will be paid separately from the base monthly payment.

Copier Supplies

All service and supplies required to operate a copier are included in the base monthly lease cost, except for paper. Copier supplies such as toner and staples may be ordered by contacting the copier service provider.

*Beware of unsolicited sales calls requesting information about your departmental copier, or those offering to resupply your copier’s toner before the price increases. These are scam calls, which should be rejected and reported to the Procurement Office at: Your copier supplier may call to request a usage report; but they will not call to prompt you to resupply.

Contacting the Copier Provider:

Affixed to each copier is an identification tag, providing your copier’s serial number, in addition to contact information for your specific copier provider. The contact information on the tag may be used to request customer service, machine maintenance, or resupply of expendables such as toner or staples.

Use Reporting

Copier usage should be reported monthly to your copier supplier, as well as to the Procurement Office. Providing this usage information helps to track variances in billing, as well as to analyze and interpret changes in your departmental copying needs when establishing a new copier lease.

The monthly copier report is due by the 5th working day of each month. Please submit this report to the Procurement Office, using the appropriate form below.

Monthly Copier Usage Report Form

Copier Multi-User Meter Readings Form