Office Supplies & Punchout Contracts

The state contracts with Office Depot and Staples are now available for purchase directly through Workday. Requisitioners may access these contracts, along with other integrated contracts by using Workday task: Connect to Supplier Website.

Connecting to the Contract:

Selecting this task will initiate the Requisition process in Workday. By selecting “Connect” for a supplier’s entry on the available list, the user will be connected to the associated supplier’s website.


Once connected, the user will shop the same as on any online shopping platform, placing needed items in their Cart. Once all items are in the cart, selecting Checkout will return the user to Workday, wherein all cart items will be converted into Requisition Line Items.

Completing the Requisition

To complete the requisition, the requisitioner should review the Ship-To information for accuracy on the header-level, as well as on the line-item level. Requisitioned items will need to be reviewed to be sure the correct Spend Category has been assigned (equipment spend categories should only be used when an asset tag is required.) Requisitioners will assign worktags for accounting of each line item and submit the order for approval. Once the requisition is approved, a PO will be issued, and the order will be placed automatically.

Receiving and Invoicing

Orders placed through these contracts will be invoiced automatically; however, requisitioners will still need to Create Receipt for goods as they arrive (receiving only those items that have been received; multiple receipts are possible against a single PO.) Receipt documents in Workday allow POs to be matched to their respective Invoice. Those orders and items that have not been matched will generate a Match Exception in Workday, which will resolve automatically upon creation of the appropriate Receipt.



 While shopping on the punchout contract, do not click ‘back’ to navigate in the internet browser, as this could cause the contract integration to malfunction.

Make sure that the tax applicability box for the tax code if filled in with your correct city.