p-card frequently asked questions

Who do I contact with questions concerning the P-Card?

Procurement Office at 479.502.9701 or pcard@uada.edu


What is the Billing Address for the P-Card?

2301 S. University Ave, Little Rock, AR 72204


How do I request a p-card?  

P-Cards may be requested by the prospective cardholder in Workday by completing the task: Create Request. Full guidance can be found in the P-card User Manual.


How do I view or change my PIN? 

Cardholders may view or change their PIN online in the Bank of America Global Card Access platform.


Am I required to keep receipts?

YES. Detailed receipts for every P-Card purchase must be kept and given to the person in your department that is verifying the charges in Workday. As those charges are verified, the receipts will need to be uploaded to the verification.


What if I cannot obtain or find a receipt?

If you have lost a receipt, contact the vendor first. Most vendors can provide a duplicate copy or re-print a receipt. If you are unable to obtain a copy of a missing receipt from the vendor, then you must fill out an Affidavit of Lost Receipt Form. This must be attached to your Workday Verification in the same way that a receipt would be.


Is the P-Card issued for the entire department?

No, the P-Card is issued to individuals only.


Will I get a credit card statement?

No, you will not get a statement from Bank of America. However, you can run reports in Workday to pull your credit card transactions for any date range.


Is there a list on the web page showing items that cannot be charged on the P-Card?

Yes, on the P-Card webpage, you will find a link to a Card Use Matrix, which provides at-a-glance advice on transaction allowance for P-Cards, T-Cards and WEX Fuel Cards.


AES is not allowed to use P-card for official function meals. How can I make this purchase?

Many restaurants in the Fayetteville area are active suppliers for requisitioning in Workday and will provide an invoice for payment.


When will charges show up in Workday?

Typically, the charges will appear in the Workday system within 3 days after the transaction has taken place.


What do I do if a charge shows up that I (the cardholder) did not make?

If you cannot resolve the problem with the vendor and receive a credit, then you should contact Bank of America Customer Service (1-866-500-8262) to report the fraudulent charge. 


There is a credit transaction posted to my P-Card in Workday. What do I do with this transaction?

Credit and other refund transactions must undergo verification, the same as standard transactions. Credit transactions should be verified using the same Spend Category, and Worktag sequence as their corresponding originating charge, so that the accounting will counter-balance. If a credit occurs during a separate billing period from its originating charge, the original verification’s PC-# should be included in a memo on the credit’s verification.


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