Performance Evaluations

Performance evaluations and training courses for employees and managers are now available in Workday Learning!

To access Workday Learning, find the View All Apps link and click on the Learning icon to be able to search for performance related reference guides. If you don't see the Learning app, use the gear icon to add it. Employees and managers may also have links to performance related trainings in their Timely Suggestions or Announcements section of their Workday home page. 

Classified and Non-Classified Staff Evaluations

PMGS 08-1 Classified and Non-Classified Employee Performance Policy

Performance evaluations will be completed in Workday for Classified and Non-Classified employees hired before July 1, 2022. Completed evaluations (approved by all parties) are due March 31, 2023. Performance review templates will auto-populate responsibilities from the position and core competencies that have been developed at the UA System level for all employees.

TIP:  Use the "Guided Editor" option as opposed to the "Summary Editor" option when reviewing evaluations, as additional instructions and guidance are provided for the manager and employee through the Guided Editor.  

Editing Employee's Position Restrictions

Prior to completing the evaluation, managers need to ensure that the employee’s position information, including job responsibilities, is up to date in Workday. To do this, the manager will navigate to an employee’s Workday profile, click on their position, click on “Position Restrictions”, and select the “Qualifications” tab.  If job responsibilities are missing or need updating, the Position Restrictions will need to be edited. This will go through an approval process in Workday. See the below Quick Reference Guides titled “Edit Position Restrictions” and “Edit Additional Data” for detailed instructions on how to edit employee position restrictions.

NOTE: Once performance evaluations are launched in Workday, any edits made to position restrictions will not flow through into the performance evaluation.  Edits will need to be made in both the position restriction and in the performance evaluation at that point. 

Performance Rating Scale & Competencies

All performance ratings for Classified and Non-classified employees will follow a five-point scale, displayed below. The new rating scale was developed with input and guidance from subject matter experts across UA System member institutions and has been approved by the Arkansas Division of Higher Education (ADHE).  

Performance Review Rating Scale for Classified and Non-Classified Staff

Division of Agriculture Competencies

Reference Guides

Edit Position Restrictions

Edit Additional Data QRGs

Complete Self Evaluation (for Non-Classified employees)

Discuss Performance Review with Employee (for managers)

Complete Manager Evaluation (for managers)

Employee Review & Acknowledgment (for employees)

Evaluations for Faculty, Grad Assistants, County Agents & Temporary/Hourly Employees

Faculty, Executive Positions, and Senior Administration
Performance evaluations for these positions will be similar to the previous process with reviews being done outside the Workday system.

Graduate Assistants
Performance evaluations for these positions will be similar to the previous process with reviews being done outside the Workday system.

Performance Evaluations are not required for Extra Help/Temporary/WOWN/Hourly employees. 

County Extension Agents 
Due to the unique nature of these positions, the performance for county agents is tied to the annual Plan of Work and Report of Accomplishments, which is captured in a separate system and is reported to the Federal Government based on the federal fiscal year, which is October 1 – September 30. The performance review/discussion and acknowledgments happen outside of Workday. In order to reflect the completed evaluation results in Workday, performance ratings will be entered into Workday by the manager in order to be reported on and documentation will be attached to support the rating entered into Workday.

If you have any additional questions about performance evaluations, please contact