How do I make my Word documents accessible? 

Microsoft programs come with an accessibility checker which makes it easier to check your accessibility while you are working on your project. Unfortunately, this accessibility checker doesn't flag all accessibility issues that need to be addressed. Watch the video below and read our resources to learn more.


Microsoft Word Document Accessibility Checklist 


1. Plain Language

  • I removed unnecessary jargon or technical terms.
  • My writing is organized and concise.
  • I have written for my intended audience.

Learn more about plain language here. 


2. Color and Color Contrast

  • None of the information in my document is based just on color, size, shape, or position.
  • The colors in my document contrast enough that readers can easily understand what is in my document.

Learn more about color and color contrast here. 


3. Title and Heading Distinctions

  • I have given my document an identifiable title.
  • I have included heading distinctions in my document.

Learn more about heading tags here. 


4. Tables and Charts

  • I have not added tables or charts for decoration.
  • If I do have a table in my document, I have included table headers and table captions.
  • If I do have a table or chart in my document, I have included a text description of the information presented.

Learn more about accessible tables and charts here. 


5. Alternative Text and Images

  • All my images have alt text or have been labeled as ‘decorative’.
  • All of my images are inline with my text.

Learn more about alternative text here. 

Learn more about inline images here. 


6. Links

  • All the links I have put in my document are clear and descriptive.

Learn more about how to make your links accessible here. 


7. Text

  • My text is at least in 11pt font.
  • The color of my text contrasts with its background enough that it is easily readable.
  • I have used accessible fonts and have limited decorative fonts in my document.

Learn more about using accessible fonts here. 



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