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Division Organizational Chart

Organizational chart of the U of A System Division of Agriculture, showing the connections between the Division of Agriculture with other members of the U of Arkansas System, including UA-Fayetteville and UA-Monticello, as well as those within the Division of Agriculture, showing where the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station and the Cooperative Extension Service fit. 

The chart below shows the UA Systems office at the top of our structure. Our Division of Agriculture head, Dr. Deacue Fields, is also a vice president within the U of A System and is on par with chancellors at UAF and UAM. 

Reporting to fields are Bob Scott, head of the Cooperative Extension Service, and J-F Meullenet, who heads the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station. 

We are pleased to have faculty with joint appointments within the UAF and UAM campuses which enhance all of our outreach, research and teaching efforts.

2024 Jan Division org chart