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From the Vice President

A catalyst for change 

I'd like to welcome you to the online home for University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. Since 1959, the Division has Arkansas' premier educational source for agriculture, youth development, health living and community development.  

Mark J. Cochran
Mark J. Cochran

The Division is composed of two intertwined parts: its research arm, the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station; and its outreach arm, the Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service

Between the two, we work to fulfill this mission: We strengthen agriculture, communities, and families by connecting trusted research to the adoption of best practices. 

It's a mission to which we devote our hearts, minds and energy and one that drives our vision of being the catalyst of prosperity for Arkansas through the knowledge and innovation that nourish our families, farms, communities and environment. 

Last year, we had a chance reflect on our mission. From that reflection emerged not only a new mission and vision, but also a clearly defined set of values and a brand promise. Watch our video to learn more.

Our values 

We are a higher education entity that is unique within Arkansas. We have a diverse faculty with equally diverse disciplines and focuses. When we looked at the big picture, we discovered a unity in our diversity.

Integrity. Collaboration. Accountability. Relevance. Excellence.

It was and is our values as dedicated researchers and educators. These are the qualities we believe giving meaning and importance to what we do for our fellow Arkansas.  

Our brand promise

Our brand promise followed the values -- We serve with a zeal to help others. We are committed to service. We are committed to serving the individuals, families, communities and businesses that are part of our lives. 

Put together, we remember it this way: 

ICARE We Serve

 Yours in service,